Classes for Beginners

Classes for Beginners

Beginner Photography

This is the essential class for anyone looking to take that first giant step into the world of photography! Our patient and entertaining instructors will cover all the basics in this hands-on class, including changing depth-of-field (controlling what’s in focus in the background, stopping or blurring the action in your scene, and many other basic picture-taking techniques.

Beyond the Basics: Fine-Tuning Exposure

Saturday March 24th, Hunt’s Photo, Melrose. Accuracy in Exposure—the quantity of light—is of paramount importance in photography. This course elaborates on how to read the scene you are photographing, what and how to set it on your camera, and how to obtain the best possible image by emphasizing exposure.

Intro to Landscape Photography

Saturday March 24th, Hunt’s Photo, Melrose. This class is essential for anyone who likes to get outside with their camera and capture what they see around them. We’ll cover a little bit of everything, from composition to handling exposure, to various tools that help bring out the most in your images of the world around you.

Beyond the Basics- Low Light and Night Photography

Offered in our Holyoke and Melrose Hunt’s Photo locations. Despite the limitations of darkness there is still great detail and color to be captured through your lenses. Join us for this course that covers these two very different yet aesthetically beautiful types of photography.

Beyond the Basics- Composition, Color, and Black & White

Offered in our Holyoke & Melrose Hunt’s Photo locations. Understanding composition in the field can make or break a photograph. Come learn the many elements to Composition and what advantages Black & White can offer to your photography.