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Beginner Photography: Learning the Fundamentals
This is the essential class for anyone looking to take that first giant step into the world of photography!
Offered monthly in 6 Hunt’s Photo Locations: Melrose, Hanover, & Holyoke, MA; Manchester, NH; Providence, RI; South Portland, ME

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Adobe Lightroom Basics
Developed by photographers, for photographers, Adobe Lightroom provides amateur enthusiast and photographers with the necessary tools for basic image management and high-level image post-production.
Offered in Melrose & Holyoke, MA; Providence, RI; South Portland, ME

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Basic Digital Printing
The time has come to tame digital printing! This course briefly covers the basics questions of printing, including editing suggestions, color management tools and settings, paper styles and finishes, printing recommendations, and troubleshooting on how to avoid those nasty pitfalls that can occur along the way.
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Analog Love: Shooting, Developing & Editing B&W Film
This course will be separated into three sessions that will cover the following material: How to properly load and shoot using a 35mm camera; how to safely and effectively develop black & white film, and how to integrate in digital technology to edit your work.
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Beyond the Basics: Fine-Tuning Exposure
This class makes sure that your whites are white and your blacks are black. Beyond the Basics: Fine-Tuning Exposure elaborates on how to read the scene you are photographing, what and how to set it on your camera, and how to obtain the best possible image by emphasizing exposure.
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Lighting with Speedlights: The Basics of Flash
This workshop specifically illustrates and teaches students to understand flash, how and why it works, both on and off the camera. The workshop will cover light modifiers, gels and an in-depth description of how to make it work, including internal remote triggering. Speedlight photography is integral to creating interesting and dynamic photography.
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Adobe Photoshop Sessions
“The world’s best imaging and design app”, this course teaches the basic layout and tools, and how to begin to effectively edit your vision. This multi-session course will cover many of the basics of the program, including where to find many of the key tools, what they do, and how and why to use them. It will also go more extensively into layers, masking, and compositing with images.
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Melrose, MA

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