Hunt’s Photo South Portland, ME

S. Portland

Beginner Photography

This is the essential class for anyone looking to take that first giant step into the world of photography! Our patient and entertaining instructors will cover all the basics in this hands-on class, including changing depth-of-field (controlling what’s in focus in the background, stopping or blurring the action in your scene, and many other basic picture-taking techniques.

Adobe Lightroom Basics

Offered monthly in our Melrose, Holyoke, South Portland and Providence Hunt’s Photo locations. Developed by photographers, for photographers, Adobe Lightroom provides amateur enthusiast and photographers with the necessary tools for basic image management and high-level image post-production.

Basic Digital Printing (Printing with Lightroom)

Offered in our Melrose and South Portland Hunt’s Photo locations. This course briefly covers the basics questions of printing, including editing suggestions, color management tools and settings, paper styles and finishes, printing recommendations, and troubleshooting on how to avoid those nasty pitfalls that can occur along the way.

Intro to Photoshop- Basic Tools and Adjustments

Offered in our Hunt’s Photo, South Portland location. This entry level course will cover many of the basics of the program, including where to find many of the key tools, what they do, and how and why to use them.

Lighting with Speedlights: The Basics of Flash

This workshop specifically illustrates and teaches students to understand flash. Specifically, this class is geared at both students that are just starting out with flash, as well as those that have been using flash, but want to learn how to use it more effectively on the camera.

Photoshop II- Layers & Masks

Offered in our Hunt’s Photo, South Portland location. Designed as a continuation of our Intro to Photoshop class, this course assumes that you know much of the basic layout of the program and delves right into two of the most important aspects of Photoshop with photography- Layers and Masks.