Real People Portraits

Real People Portraits- Start to Finish

with Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis

How to Light, Pose, Direct and Retouch for Flattering Portraits

Sat & Sun March 19th & 20th, 9am-6pm

Hunt’s Photo, Melrose, MA

Recommended Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of cameras

Class Level: Beyond Basic


The dynamic duo of Bobbi Lane, the Mistress of Light, and Lee Varis, the Sultan of Skin take you on a photographic adventure to master the art of creating flattering and effective portraits of real people. You will learn the essential techniques for photographing normal people in the real world, without fancy wardrobe, expensive hair and makeup, or extreme and difficult retouching.
DSCF0129Bobbi will show how to use corrective techniques to overcome challenging subjects and Lee will take the results and refine and finish the image into a marketable photograph.

LANE8531 Shooting tethered into the computer, we demonstrate comprehensive lighting techniques and effective posing, helping make the most pleasing portraits of difficult subjects: thin or heavy, spectacled, young or old, folliclely challenged, red or wrinkled. Lee will take the captured images to the next level with Lightroom and Photoshop enhancement techniques for quick fixes and complete makeovers that don’t require special artistic talent, but instead utilize the power inherent in the basic software without extra plug-ins or extensions.

BobbiLane_DebbieCThese techniques apply to all kinds of portraits: personal headshots, business, couples and families. Learning these skills help you make stronger and more salable images.

Course Outline
Two days, 9-6

9 am: Class overview, student intros, image presentation and shooting demos
12-1: Break for lunch
1 pm: set up strobes and backgrounds, models arrive and prepare
1:30- 5:30: students photograph models in different situations including headshots, ¾ and full length.
5:30 -6 wrap up

9 am: Review previous day and answer questions, models arrive and prepare
9:30- 1 students photograph models with available light and also studio set ups
1-2 pm: Break for lunch
2-5:30: Review images, works on computers with images to color correct, manage files, retouching in Lightroom and Photoshop.
5:30- 6: Wrap up, answer final questions

Instructor Bios:
Bobbi Lane and Lee Varis
The Mistress of Light and The Sultan of Skin

The dynamic duo of photo-education, Bobbi & Lee, are partners in life as well as art. Together they bring two lifetimes of experience, along with enthusiasm and creative techniques to their fun filled workshops!

Your instructors, Lee & Bobbi, taking in the scenery in Istanbul

Your instructors, Lee & Bobbi, taking in the scenery in Istanbul

Lee, owner/founder of Varis PhotoMedia, is a photo-illustrator now working in the Boston area. He has been involved in commercial photography for over 35 years. He was an early adopter of digital technology, and currently works with photography and computer graphics to create images for use in advertising, commercial graphics and multimedia. His work has been featured on movie posters, video box covers, CD covers, and numerous brochures, catalogs and magazine articles. He is responsible for the moth on the “Silence of the Lambs” movie poster! His creative imaging has also been featured in National Geographic and Fortune magazines, as well as various trade publications. His book “Skin: The Complete Guide to Digitally Lighting, Photographing and Retouching Face and Bodies”, has been a best-seller for 10 years. He is a Master of all things Adobe, and has been an Adobe Community Professional and Influencer since 2008.
Bobbi is an award-winning commercial photographer specializing in creative portraits on location and in studio. Her multi-faceted approach to photography incorporates over 35 years of technical experience with innovative artistic interpretation. She primarily shoots people on location for editorial, corporate, and advertising accounts, as well as photographing “real people” and travel for stock. As a dedicated photo educator, she brings insight and enthusiasm to her students in workshops held worldwide. She is known for teaching lighting techniques for portraits, both natural and flash, and also for leading photo travel workshops. As an author she has written two books, a wide variety of magazine articles, has recorded multiple videos on lighting, portraiture and posing, and teaches online classes. At APA National’s 25th Anniversary, Bobbi was honored with a Special Recognition Award for Education.
Photo District News also named Bobbi one of 13 of the Top Workshop Instructors.
Their websites are:

8 Responses to “Real People Portraits”

  1. February 9, 2016

    Alisha Clarke Reply

    This looks like a great opportunity!

    One question. I have the Sony a7rii which has Sony’s proprietary flash shoe. I assume we’ll be using our own cameras with the strobes that provided. Is that correct. If so, would I need to buy an adapter or would Hunt’s be able to provide one for the class?

    • February 9, 2016

      Paul Nelson Reply

      Hi Alisha! Thanks for the comment!
      The A7RII can be equipped with Phottix or Pocket Wizard triggers and will function essentially the same way as a Canon or Nikon (or for that matter, any of the cameras, with the exception of the much older Sony A-Series, such as A77, A300, etc). This is what will generally be used for the weekend, so you shouldn’t have any issue with that at all.
      This being said, Hunt’s is always willing to let you test out gear during workshops, including lenses, triggers and adapters.
      -Hunt’s Education

      • February 17, 2016

        Alisha Clarke Reply

        Hi Paul,
        I just registered for this workshop and want to confirm that you’ll have a Phottix or PocketWizard trigger I can use that will work with the Sony Multi-Interface adapter of the a7rii.

        • February 17, 2016

          Paul Nelson Reply

          Hi Alisha,
          With the A7Rii, you shouldn’t need to use the Sony Multi-Interface adapter. The basic Phottix and Pocket Wizard triggers fit on to the Sony A7Rii hot shoe as is. I believe we will only be using manual triggers (as opposed to the TTL triggers, which would be trickier to find for the Sony). Regardless, I will make sure with Bobbi & Lee that all this is taken care of for you.
          -Paul at Hunt’s Education

  2. February 19, 2016

    Charles Rgaucci Reply


    By chance will this course be available to purchase to view on demand or online at some point, if one cannot make the regular class.

    • February 19, 2016

      Paul Nelson Reply

      At this point, we don’t have the ability to do this, but it may be something we will be able to do down the road. Feel free to check in with me in the future if you’re at all curious at
      -Hunt’s Education

  3. February 21, 2016

    Anna Golitsyna Reply


    I have a question about this workshop. Working on the computers with images: is it on the own computer or the workshop’s computer? My laptop does not have Photoshop or Lightroom and it’s not suitable for it anyway.


    • February 21, 2016

      Paul Nelson Reply

      Hi Anna- thanks for the question.
      This would be on your own specific computer, which would ultimately have to be either a laptop or all-in-one. At this time, Hunt’s does not have a set of laptops to give out for this use. If you don’t have a laptop, you can watch and take notes. This isn’t the best solution, as we always emphasize learning by doing, but it is an option, and a slightly lesser aspect to this workshop (though still important).
      This being said, should you know anyone with a laptop that you could borrow, you can download LR/PS for a free trial, which lasts 30 days.
      Feel free to send follow-up questions to me, if you have any at
      -Paul at Hunt’s Education

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