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Color Management- Monitors, Profiles, Color Spaces, and More!

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What is Color Management? Why is it important to shoot RAW? Why (and How) do I need to calibrate my monitor? Why do images look different on different computers or devices?

If you want to know the answers to any of these questions, we implore you to join us for our Intro to Color Management class, where we will discuss the importance of all elements of color. We will discuss, among other points:

•A brief workflow of how to get the most accurate color, from camera to print
•The importance of monitor calibration, including a live demo using Xrite i1 (Datacolor’s Spyder software is very similar, and if you use it, the differences here are minor)
•The differences in color spaces and monitors
•How to use the Xrite Colorchecker (and similar reference targets)

Color management is an essential part of photography. Join us as we demystify the workflow!

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