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Creating a Gif! The “What, Why, & How” of Gif Creation!

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GIFs– Graphics Interchange Formats– are small image files that are animated or contain visual motion. Gifs are fun, eye-catching, and even though they’re extremely overused on the internet, they’re still very unique! Not everyone makes gifs, and not everyone knows why they should make gifs! However, these little animations can be a great add-on for wedding and portrait photographers. Plus, they’re pretty easy to make!
Join Hunt’s Photo Educator Rebecca Wade as she takes you into the world of gifs! We’ll start by discussing what gifs are and why we might want to make them. Then, we’ll take you through the process, from image capture to end result. Included in the discussion will be:
•Image Capture and Basic editing of images
•Bringing images into Photoshop for gif creation
•Exporting the end result
•File compression
•and more!

Gifs are fun and worth checking out! Join us for a fun webinar!

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