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Creative Movement and Motion in Still Life

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We often try to convey fast action in photography by using high shutter speeds, but we can also convey it in other creative ways! Join Hunt’s Photo Educators Emily Hojnowski and Paul Nelson who will demonstrate how to create movement and motion in still life, food photography, and more! In this class, we will be using flash to freeze or emphasize movement. We will discuss the technical and creative elements through Live Demos, and discuss the applicable lighting techniques. These concepts can also be used in a variety of other everyday situations and are not limited to the studio.
Please note: In this class, we will be using flash for our demos and many of the techniques can only be achieved by using flash. That’s not to say that to take this class you need to have a flash, and we would strongly encourage taking it whether or not you have a flash. However, to properly duplicate the techniques employed, flash is needed.
Join us for a morning of fun and creative photography!

Please note: There are two video downloads for this presentation. Part 1 was our live class, but we left out one section during the presentation, which we recorded after-the-fact and have included as a second download. Enjoy!

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