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Histograms: How, When, & Why to Use Them

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Are you tired of your photos being too bright or too dark? Maybe your photos look good on the back of your camera, but when you view them on your computer you realize your exposure was way off! Are you ready to understand what the histogram is and how to use it to take better pictures? Join Emily Hojnowski of Hunt’s Photo Education as we cover the ins and outs of histograms in photography. We’ll discuss how to read a histogram and use histograms in the field to achieve our best exposures. We’ll cover why histograms are so important and how we can use them to maximize our camera’s dynamic range. Emily will also show you sample images with histograms so we can finally answer the question: What does a perfect histogram look like? The answer may surprise you!

Overview of topics:

•What is a histogram?
•How to use the histogram to take better photos – Viewing histograms in Review mode, turning histograms on in live view
•How to read a histogram
•Why histograms are so important – dynamic range
•What does a perfect histogram look like (***Spoiler alert! There is no such thing!)
•Compare histograms vs the photo
•How to understand the difference between flat, contrasty, over and underexposed histograms

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