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Setting Up the Home Portrait Studio

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We often receive questions about what is important to have in a home portrait studio. During our portrait workshops (and when time allows), we often like to set everything up with the attendees to get an idea of what we are using and why we are using it. We will answer these questions, as well as:

•The importance of multiple lights
•What lenses to use
•Where to place the subject and backgrounds
•Studio strobes vs. speedlights
•On-brand vs. off-brand speedlights
•The purpose of a square softbox vs an octobox
•Softboxes vs. umbrellas
•Triggers & Light meters
•What other important elements you should have in the studio

Join Hunt’s Photo Educator Paul Nelson as we discuss the basic elements of setting up a home portrait studio! One should never feel limited by creativity, and often working with lighting gear, folks feel disoriented. Let us help take away some of the mystery!

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