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Sharpening Your Vision: How, When, & Why to Use Sharpening

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You’ve taken an amazing photograph: The color is exquisite, the composition is spot on, and it is tack sharp. Or maybe you’ve got the first two things going for you, but the focus is just so-so. In both of these cases, image sharpening–the process of creating contrast on the edges of detail– is important to consider and understand.
And yet, sharpening is also one of the most difficult editing tools to understand and master. Because it’s based on fine detail, image sharpening isn’t always easy to notice when applying it. Often, over-sharpening can occur which can have negative effects on your image.
This class will help get you on the right track to proper sharpening. We’ll discuss the basics of image sharpening, including what images will benefit from it, and what standard changes to make in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW. We will also discuss the role other programs, such as Topaz Sharpening AI, play in the process.

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