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Special Guest Series- Photographing Migratory & Song Birds and Techniques for Editing with Tony Baldasaro

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In February, guest photography Tony Baldasaro joined Hunt’s Photo Education to discuss how to photograph wild birds. In April, Tony will be rejoining us to discuss why it is more challenging to photograph migratory and song birds and how to be more effective at it in the field!

Tony will start with some of the basics:

• Photographing large raptors is often a sit and wait game, where songbirds are a seek and find game. Where do we go and how do we find them?

• Smaller birds often means faster and more divergent in their paths. What lenses should we use and how do we focus?

• Understanding migration is a great start for success. When do birds migrate? When are they active? Where are they found?

He will also cover more focused topics:

• Depth of Field- How does this change when photographing small, fast birds?

• Songs/Behavior- Understanding their songs and behaviors will only increase one’s odds!

• Plumage- This is very important with songbirds!

• Light- How do we deal with low light areas, such as forests?

Tony will also cover:

  • Proper Equipment & Settings
  • In depth review of how aperture and focal length impact the final image
  • Compositional techniques to keep in mind in the field
  • Celebrating your subject’s story

Post processing bird images in Lightroom can be a challenge of its own, with potentially thousands of raw images collected in the field. Session 2 will include:

  • Managing & culling your files in Lightroom
  • Choosing impactful images.
  • Post processing techniques for wild birds in Lightroom
  • The use of AI tools to manage noise and blur issues.

About Tony Baldasaro Having called New England my home for nearly 50 years, Tony has grown accustomed to not only the seasonal changes, but also the sometimes volatile weather that comes with those changes and has come to love photographing in all of the conditions New England has to offer.
With more than 20 years of photography experience, he loves creating images that depict not only natural landscapes, but the animals found in those landscapes as well. Specifically, he loves creating images of birds in their natural habitat.
In addition to photography, Tony has been a teacher and school official for nearly 30 years. Merging his two passions, photography and education, gives him the opportunity to do what he loves most: Teach and create. He looks forward to continuing to teach and create moving forward.

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