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Special Guest Series- Refining from Chaos- Street Portraits with Glynn Lavender

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Join Hunts, Tamron Americas, and Tamron Global Ambassador Glynn Lavender on a journey of fascinating places and faces. Learn how to capture dynamic, personal portraits of people amongst the chaotic, bustling laneways and streets we encounter whilst traveling and how to simplify your process to ensure you get the best out of each location you visit.

Glynn Lavender is a Melbourne Australia based professional photographer who specializes in photographing people. Glynn leads photography tours to places like India, Bangladesh and Myanmar where he guides tour attendees in the art of photographing strangers in the street. Glynn also runs photography workshops in Australia, New Zealand and the United States teaching lighting. Glynn’s ability to share his knowledge and empower Workshop and Tour attendees to reach their goals is well known and many professional and keen amateur photographers consider Glynn their mentor and part of the reason for their photographic success. With nearly a thousand Workshops under his belt Glynn’s experience shines through at every event and he willingly shares everything – there are no ‘trade secrets’. Glynn is a passionate educator who loves to share his images, thought processes and photo realities through online and in person photography talks.

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