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The Joy and Satisfaction of Creating (and Printing) Holiday Cards Using Lightroom & Photoshop

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Every year, millions of Americans print off tens of holiday cards to send off to their loved ones, both near and far. They print cards that include their family, their pets, and their experiences. They print cards with amazing landscapes, timeless cityscapes, and, in general, the beautiful things they’ve photographed.
More and more in the 21st century, people have relied on the “creativity” of services such as Shutterfly, Snapfish, and the online giants that make your compositions drag and drop. But is there more to creating a meaningful holiday card?
Oh yes. Join Hunt’s Photo Education’s Paul Nelson as we dive into the creative side of making holiday cards. We’ll begin with pre-planning and visualizing your end result, and understanding which programs and papers to use. We will then begin forming a few different “concept” cards in Adobe Lightroom Classic. When necessary, we’ll shift over to Adobe Photoshop where we’ll discuss the most important tools for building a card, including sizing, creating layers, adding text and text boxes, adjusting opacity, masking, and more. We will finish by discussing our last step– exporting or printing the image. Whether you’re printing this on your own or sending it off to be printed elsewhere, these are the essential tools you’ll need to know to get it looking the way it should look!
This 2-hour seminar will be JAM PACKED with information and will be recorded for your convenience in case you want to re-watch or cannot attend live. Questions may be asked throughout the evening.
We truly love creating holiday cards– join us as we discuss that passion!

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