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Tips & Tricks for Photographing Kids Inside & Out

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Let’s face it: Photographing children can be tough work! They have boundless energy, they don’t always listen to instructions, and they do NOT want to stay in one place so that you can take precious photographic memories! This is compounded by how complicated photography can be. And then comes a quarantine order! It’s enough to make a photographer pull their hair out! But we’ve gotta stay cool and calm as child photographers! It has to be fun and childlike to make the experience truly amazing! So how do we do it and where do we start?

Join Hunt’s Photo Educator Paul Nelson, who has photographed both of his children every single day of their lives, for some tips and tricks to get the best results possible. This workshop is part of a series that focuses on how to photograph toddlers and children. In this class, we’ll diversify and talk about how to photograph kids indoors and outside, both in a casual environment. Among other items, this class will cover:
•Inside: Using flash vs. natural light
•Lens options and basic settings
•The basics of photographing inside using flash, including starting camera settings
•How to create a natural environment

•Tips and tricks on how to keep toddlers and children interested, involved, & engaged

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