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Turn Your Backyard into a Wildlife Studio with Joe and Mary Ann McDonald- 2 Part Class

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Why travel when some of your most rewarding bird and other wildlife photographs may be right outside your door? Joe and Mary Ann McDonald will show you how you can create easy set ups for making great bird portraits of songbirds, woodpeckers, and other species.

(Please note: This class was originally set up as either a two-part or three-part class. The third session was an image review, based on attendees experiences, which is not included as part of the download. If you are interested in the image review, it can be purchased separately, but please email us at
In the first session of this multi-session class, Joe and Mary Ann will discuss setting up your backyard studio. Setting up a backyard studio is easy, and they will provide plenty of examples and ideas for attracting birds and other wildlife for photography. In the second session, they will focus on photographic techniques to make the most of your opportunities. Photo techniques will include discussions on the best camera settings, lenses and tripods, fill-flash, and even remote triggers for special, hard to get shots.
About Joe and Mary Ann McDonald: Joe and Mary Ann McDonald have been a professional wildlife photography team for over 35 years. They are the authors of over 40 books and have been published in every major natural history magazine in the US. They are field editors for Nature Photographer magazine and both have been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the North American Nature Photography Association. Today, Joe and Mary Ann lead tours to Africa and South America, as well as maintaining a YouTube channel and writing how-to ebooks. Both Joe and Mary Ann are Olympus Ambassadors.
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