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Why Your Prints Stink- A Funny Look at Bad Printing

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True story: Last night, I went to go print a few photos. I booted up my computer and printer and three ink cartridges were empty. I replaced them, found the image I wanted to print and clicked “print”, but then I accidentally turned off my printer while loading the paper. When it booted back up, another ink cartridge needed to be replaced! When I finally was able to print the image, the colors were all wrong, the print was dark, and there were smudges on the side. Why do I even bother?!

What amazes me is that I work with printers and printing all the time, and so if I have these kinds of frustrations, I can only imagine how the rest of the world feels! In this class, we’ll discuss why your prints can stink, specifically what you could have done that was wrong and what you could do better, whether it’s on your personal printer or from an online or in-store photo lab; the importance of color management; and understanding what is user error vs. just a bad photo! (Sorry!) We’ll also talk a bit about the positive aspects of printing and what we can do to achieve the best results possible! Come have some fun with me, Hunt’s Photo Educator Paul Nelson, as I tear apart these printers limb from limb…or whatever.

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