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Capture to Print, ft. Roger Williams Park Zoo

August 10, 2019, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Capture-To-Print is an intermediate workshop that focuses not only on photography, but also editing and printing! Half photo workshop, half editing and printing, we will take you through the whole process–from Capture to Print— to demonstrate what is important in the field, how to effectively process photos, and why printing is a necessity.
We all want to take excellent quality photos of wild animals in their natural habitat, but those habitats are not always easily accessible. And when in that situation, do we have the ability to make those split second decisions on what to do with our camera? Zoos are an excellent opportunity to hone those skills with the real thing. Zoos also provide different challenges, including fencing, windows, and more. If we can overcome those challenges, the result can be stunning, especially in print form!
We will begin at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island for a morning of photographing the animals, specifically emphasizing how to set in the field for the best end result, including focus, exposure, and more. At 1pm, we will break from shooting and make our way back to the classroom at our Providence location. We will reconvene at 2pm. (Attendees are encouraged to get lunch in the meantime.)
We will then transition from photographing to editing, which will include discussion of certain techniques. Attendees are encouraged to bring their computers–laptops or all-in-ones are fine (iMacs are welcome)–in order to do their own editing. Attendees should have Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop on their computer or a comparable program. We will be available to help with the processing of images during this time. Shortly after 4pm, we will view these edits, critique, and discuss them with the rest of the class while also creating 13×19″ prints.
This will be a fun and challenging workshop that will walk you through the full process of creating a photograph. The process of printing is integral to developing one’s photographic vision.
Please note: Your ticket does not include the entrance cost to Roger Williams Park Zoo. Your ticket includes the cost of instruction at the zoo and at Hunt’s Photo Providence, as well as the print.

Approximate schedule for the day:
10am- Meet at Roger Williams Park Zoo and photograph the animals.
1pm- Break for travel and lunch
2pm- Reconvene at Hunt’s Photo, Providence. Begin editing.
4pm- Review, critique, and printing

If you are attending this workshop, we will send out more specific instructions to you a few days prior to the workshop. Please note: Some slight details above can be subject to change. This email will detail any of those minor changes.

Please read Hunt’s Terms & Conditions before signing up.

Attendees should have:

Digital Camera and Lens
Memory Card

Suggested Items Attendees should have:

Various other lenses
Extra memory cards
Extra camera battery