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Hunt’s Photo Workshop: HDR, ft Horn Pond

September 28, 2019, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Join Hunt’s Photo Education for a workshop on how to create photographs in the field suitable for creating HDR images, and how to easily process them using Adobe Lightroom.

The problem: Often when we photograph, there are very bright areas and very dark areas, and the camera’s sensor (or film) cannot accurately create detail in all of those areas. Examples of this are photographs of the sky and a shadowy landscape, or perhaps a photograph of the inside of a building (dark) looking to the outside (bright).
The solution: HDR.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) has existed in photography for almost as long as photography has existed. Originally, film photographers would take two (or more) exposures and combine them in post-production, as film simply did not have the latitude (or “dynamic range”) to capture both areas accurately. In the example of the landscape with the sky, photographers could photograph the sky at one exposure to obtain detail, then separately photograph the landscape at a separate exposure. Modern digital camera sensors have improved upon that dynamic range, but we still can benefit from High Dynamic Range in Post-Production.

In this workshop, we will begin by photographing in the field at Horn Pond in Woburn with a short class and discussion about camera settings and the morning’s goals. We will then workshop how to best take photographs for HDR by bracketing exposure. We will then break and drive separately to our store at Hunt’s Photo in Melrose for post-processing the bracketed photographs using Adobe Lightroom.

Please note: Many programs offer HDR processing of images through bracketing, but this course will specifically be using Adobe Lightroom. We separately have offered (and will offer again) courses using Adobe Photoshop, but this course will not cover Photoshop.

If you are attending this walk, we will send out more specific instructions to you a few days prior to the walk. However, be advised we will be meeting at Horn Pond in Woburn. Please note: Some slight details above can be subject to change. This email will detail any of those minor changes.
Please read Hunt’s Terms & Conditions before signing up.


September 28, 2019
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
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