Hunt’s Photo Walk: Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Join Hunt's Photo Education for a photo walk in one of Boston’s treasures: the Museum of Fine Arts. Boasting dozens of current exhibits and over 450,000 pieces of art the […]


Hunt’s Photo Walk: Lowell Boott Cotton Mills

Join Hunt's Photo Education for a look into the past at the Boott Cotton Mills in Lowell. In this workshop, we will discuss Subject Development, Image Composition, Macro Photography, HDR, […]


Intro to Landscape Photography, Hunt’s Photo, Providence

Hunt's Photo, Providence 571 N. Main St, Providence

Landscapes are one of the most easily accessible subjects to photographers. They are all around us and anyone can capture them. But landscapes can also be frustrating to capture, as […]


Lightroom Editing for Landscapes- Hunt’s Photo, Melrose

Hunt's Photo, Melrose 100 Main St., Melrose

Do you want your landscape photos to show off the beauty and feeling of the moment that you took them? Join Hunt’s Instructor Emily Hojnowski as she goes through her […]


Beginner Photography- Part 2 of 2, Hunt’s Photo, Holyoke

Hunt's Photo, Holyoke 98 Lower Westfield Rd, Holyoke

Learn to fully utilize your cameras potentials! Harness your creative power with photography! This is the essential class for anyone looking to take that first giant step into the world of […]


Capture to Print: Macro and Flowers

Hunt's Photo, Melrose 100 Main St., Melrose

Printing your photos will make you a better photographer. The first step to creating a great print is by understanding how to create a great photograph in the field. Capture-To-Print […]