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Online: Multi-Session Series- Food Photography

March 20 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Class Summary

Date & Time:

March 20 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Composition, Lighting, and Handling Food for Food Photography
Skill Level:
Emily Hojnowski
Emily Hojnowski
Class size:
Limited to 15 Attendees
Recommended Prerequisites:
A Digital SLR or mirrorless camera, or a digital camera that has manual capabilities

Join Hunt’s Photo Education for our Multi-Session Series. In our Multi-Session Series, we will meet over the course of a number of weeks, generally at the same time each week. During that time, we will discuss a specific element of a topic and end the session by giving a photographic assignment. That assignment will be due for completion before the next class meeting, and we will review those images at the start of the next session. If for some reason you cannot attend one of the sessions, don’t worry! They will be recorded and you will be able to watch them at your leisure!
Our Multi-Session Series is designed to “keep the conversation going” by engaging with our attendees in a more personal way. In each of these classes, we will have 10-15 attendees and provide direct feedback on images. We encourage photographers of all skill levels to consider these classes, as they will build upon your experience and provide an excellent chance to work on your imagery!
Food Photography
Join Hunt’s Photo Education as we discuss everything you need to get started with food photography including gear, props, and shooting techniques!
For this course, we’ll start with composition in the first week, discussing the core compositional principles, choosing the right food and mood for a shoot, and which angle is best for your subject.
In week two, we’ll move past natural light and begin controlling and shaping artificial light. We’ll discuss size, quality, and direction of light as well as the best light modifiers to achieve that natural light look even at night! Color is a key element of food photography and we’ll cover everything from color psychology to perfecting white balance.
By the third week, we’ll be working on styling our scenes with various props, backgrounds, and ingredients. Emily will show you the how and the why as we work through advanced compositional techniques. We’ll talk gear and how you don’t need to spend a fortune or have a lot of space to be a successful food photographer.
In our final week, we’ll tie everything together and sharpen each student’s individual food style. We’ll discuss how to bring out the best of our food while telling a story and examine how foods can evoke emotional responses from our viewers.
Each week you’ll have a new assignment that will build a diverse portfolio of food photography. Along the way, you’ll be able to ask Emily questions and receive weekly individual, personalized critiques and feedbacks from your assignment images. Emily will also be giving you editing tutorials using Adobe Lightroom Classic so we can put the final touches on our images.
Photographers should have an understanding of exposure before taking this class.
Week 1: Composition
Week 2: Light & Color
Week 3: Styling
Week 4: Storytelling
Registering and what is needed
After you register for this class, you will receive a confirmation email that will include information about how to access the online class, including an online ID code that you will need to get into the class. Make sure to save this information. We will also send a reminder email about 24 hours prior to the class time with that same information.
Layout of the class
The class will begin promptly at the time listed. If for some reason you cannot attend one of the sessions, don’t worry! They will be recorded and you will be able to watch them at your leisure! During each class, you are welcome to type in questions in the Question box if you have specific questions as they are asked. We will do our best to answer those questions, but if not, feel free to ask them at the end.
?You Are Being Recorded? (And Other Note Related Items)
We will be recording this class! The video will be available for download about 24-hours after the class for all attendees, so don?t worry about taking unending notes. We will send this link attendees to download and rewatch at any time. In addition to this, we will generally send out a PDF of the presentation (when applicable) and handouts on the topic. If handouts and PDFs are included, we will send it out with the link for the video.
No online classes should be shared and cannot be shared in a public environment, including with camera clubs
The online content is the copyright of Hunt’s Photo Education and/or the Instructor. Please support our education team and instructors by not sharing this material! We appreciate your support, and it’s thanks to that support that we are able to continue producing content!