Hunt’s Photo Education Mentoring Program

Hunt’s Photo Education is excited to offer our new Mentoring Program, designed to help strengthen concepts, confidence, and consistency in burgeoning photographers.

The concept of this program is simple. You will begin by meeting with a mentor virtually to discuss your goals and needs in photography. You will be given “assignments” over the course of three months and submit images for critique (approximately every two weeks). Your mentor will respond with video reviews/critiques to discuss all the elements of photography, from concepts in camera and composition to editing and post-processing.

This program is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your photographic knowledge and confidence, as it provides reviews and critiques on your own personal work rather than those specifically taken on a photo workshop or walk.

Students may sign up for either of the options, specified below- Critique Only or Critique & Virtual Meets. Critique Only allows for photographers to receive the critiques on their work over a period of 3 months at a great rate. For photographers that want a more open dialog, the additional option of meeting virtually for three 30-minute sessions during that time is also available.

Any photographer is welcome to sign up for the mentoring program. However, the majority of this program, including photographing, will be done on your own. The opportunity to “check in” is a huge benefit to burgeoning photographers looking to obtain feedback, but if you are just starting out as a photographer, we strongly recommend our in-person classes, Photo Walks and Workshops, or 1-on-1 sessions.


  • 3 months- Critiques Only: Introductory Virtual meet; 6 critiques (apx every 2 weeks)- $150
  • 3 months Critiques & Virtual Meets: Introductory Virtual meet; 6 Critiques; 3 additional 30-minute Virtual Meets- $300

If you are interested in mentoring sessions, please email us at!