Anatomy of an Image

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Imagine photographing a night scene. All of your settings have been carefully prepared to maximize quality and your camera has been immaculately composed. Suddenly, snow begins to fall, light at first, but begins to pick up. This is the cherry on top! What a great addition to your image! Unfortunately, the next picture you take doesn’t reflect the current scene: The snow cannot be seen! Thinking in the moment, you’re able to make a few basic adjustments and get the shot you’re looking for…

“What made you decide do it that way?” This question is simple enough, but photography is complex and often doesn’t give us the most straightforward answer. This is a question that we receive often, and it is usually one presented on Photo Walks and Workshops. We won’t be happy with the results we’re getting (or want a different result), so we change course. “What made you decide to do it that way?”

In Anatomy of an Image, we will look at and discuss the thought process on select images from vision, to execution, to editing. In addition to images, we will also talk through this process in a live shoot during the presentation to show how to work through issues we may experience in the field. This is a course that discusses the thought process and theory of photography by discussing the many elements that we can encounter. Join us for a fun evening!

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