Astrophotography 101- One-Shot Astro

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Are you interested in astrophotography, but aren’t sure where to start? Want to learn how to capture dynamic images of the night sky and how to process them? Join Emily Hojnowski of Hunt’s Photo Education as she walks you through her step-by-step astrophotography process. The class will cover everything you need to get started: brainstorming an idea, planning the shot, working in the field, and processing the image in Lightroom. More specifically, we will also cover…

• Exposure, Focusing, Settings, Subject Matter, and Gear
• Aperture Priority vs. Manual
• Live View and Manual Focus

Understanding the full-functionality of your camera is a necessity to improving your flexibility when photographing in a variety of situations. This course is designed to help you feel more comfortable about how to change your camera’s settings in those situations. It is recommended as a follow-up to our Beginner Photography course.

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