Creative Photography with Lensbaby (with Live Demo)

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Lensbaby lenses are a unique series of lenses, available for most camera systems that give a variety of looks and effects. From swirling bokeh to dramatic vignettes, velvety glows to swirly blurs, and often with a bright sharp center, these lenses present a unique style for the user experience.
Lensbaby lenses are not always the easiest to use or understand and require a lot of practice and fine-tuning. In this course, we will cover the types of lenses, tips on how to use them, and provide plenty of examples of photos on how to create a unique look.
We will also be running this class with a Live Demo, showing how to use them and displaying resulting images! This will be an excellent way to see the lenses in action and is recommended for anyone with questions on Lensbaby!

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