Special Guest Series- A Tripod in the Air- Photo & Video Techniques for Drones with Jamie Malcolm-Brown

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Learn how a drone can be a unique tool for expanding your photography. A drone will open up a world of possibilities for new locations and perspectives but it requires additional knowledge and an understanding of their limitations. Special guest photographer Jamie Malcolm-Brown will teach what you need to know to be safe and get the most out of this new photography tool. Drones also have extensive video options. Jamie will also teach you how to best capture cinematic aerial footage to compliment your stunning images. Whether you’re familiar or unfamiliar with drones, this will be an excellent way to see in a different way. Join us for what will undoubtedly be a fascinating class!

***Please note: About 15 minutes into the class, Jamie lost connection and there was a slight delay in the class. We have edited out that section, and so if there appears to be a blip, that is why.

About Jamie: Jamie Malcolm-Brown is a drone and landscape photographer that focuses on the natural beauty of New England. He explores the backroads and out of the way places searching for unique locations and conditions. Jamie’s goal is to share the beauty that nature has to offer in hopes of inspiring people to get out and explore however they can.

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