Special Guest Series- All Things Music Photography with Adam Elmakias

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Do you want to learn the secrets of concert photography? You’ve come to the right place. What’s up. Adam Elmakias here. I am a music photographer based out of Los Angeles, California. I have spent over half my life convincing people I am a music photographer, and shooting for another 15 years. I am here to teach you what I know, how I know it, and how you can know it too. The music industry is the Wild West of the photography industry. It’s a bunch of social skills combined with learning how to be a photographer along the way. Come hang out, I’ll teach you how I approach the industry and how I believe you should as well. All of our lives are different and that is an important thing to recognize when it comes to music photography. So, while concerts are on pause, let’s learn some new information. Because once they are back – people are going to want to see some photos of them.

About Adam Elmakias: Adam Elmakias is a worldwide music photographer and Sigma Ambassador, traveling with bands and photographing them on and off stage. Originally from Wisconsin, Adam spent most of his teenage years going to concerts and taking photos from the crowd. Through a mix of networking (and what some would argue is borderline harassment), he eventually wiggled himself on tour with a few bands. Fast forward 12 years, and Adam has spent more time on the road than in his living room!

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