Special Guest Series- Aviation Photography with Skiesnbeyond

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We see planes passing across the sky every day-- taking off, circling for a landing, giving off contrails far in the distance. They can seem to be majestic birds in the sky, each with their own unique colors, markings, and qualities. For this reason, plane spotting--or aviation photography--has taken off in recent years.
Join Special Guest Aviation Photographer Skiesnbeyond (Luke S.) as he brings you in the world of plane spotting. He will take you through the basics, the gear, the locations, and more. To be covered:
• What is plane spotting?
• Where can I plane spot?
• What kind of gear can you use and what gear should you use?
• Settings to use
• What you can do with your plane spotting hobby

• Dos and Don'ts of plane spotting

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