Special Guest Series- Color Harmony and Theory with Joseph Roybal

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Have you ever wondered what makes certain photographs pop and are full of vibrancy and life while others just seem to be a challenge to get to work right? In this discussion, Joseph will go over his philosophies on Color Harmony and Theory addressing these points in several of his images and how this all starts in the field when capturing a photograph. Joseph will discuss a bit of his workflow in the field when looking at a scene assessing its potential analyzing which focal points are catching his eye then and how he brings these to life later in post-processing via color and light. Joseph will also discuss how the natural colors that were there during capture are your best starting point and how to get these to work in harmony later in post.

About Joseph: Joseph Roybal is a full-time professional landscape and travel photographer based in Denver, Colorado specializing in landscape imagery from around the globe. His passion lies simply in being immersed in the outdoors; searching for dramatic light and mood within the frame. Joseph has traveled the globe in search of stunning vistas and scenes with the ambitions of taking the viewers of his work on a visual journey to these locations and evoking the feeling as if they are standing in the scene in person. Joseph is partnered with several leading photographic companies in the industry and is also a Breakthrough Photography Team Pro. In his logo, Joseph utilizes the tagline “Explore.Learn.Share” as it is these three main components to his philosophy as a photographer that inspire him each and every day. He loves to take everything he has learned while being in the field and share this knowledge later; instructing post-processing courses and doing private and group photography workshops and tours around the globe.

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