Special Guest Series- Photographing Hummingbirds with Keith Bauer

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Join us for a fun session to learn techniques to capture great images of hummingbirds.
The presentation will cover equipment suggestions, techniques ranging from easy options to more sophisticated options including how to set up and do multi-flash hummingbird photography to capture stunning images like the one in the banner for this class announcement. If you’re not comfortable with flash, that’s OK. We’ll talk about techniques that don’t require a flash and also show how easy it is to use today’s modern flash technology to get great images of these amazing little birds.

About Keith: Keith is an Albuquerque New Mexico based nature photographer and photographic instructor. His extensive background in photography started with traditional black & white darkroom work, continued through college in a professional studio specializing in portraits, weddings and commercial photography and has continued with his passion for nature photography and education.
With an academic background in computer science, the marriage of computing and digital photography came easily. Keith took advantage of this to become a digital post processing specialist and instructor. His special areas of interest in photography are wildlife and nature, landscape and travel photography creating images of simple, yet compelling stories.
He is co-author of the popular e-book LightRoom for the Nature Photographer, leads workshops with the primary goal of enhancing participants photographic skills and enjoying the process of capturing that next great image.

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