Special Guest Series- Photographing Planning with Keith Bauer

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Of course, we all try to keep our camera close so we’re ready for the unexpected, but having a plan in place can increase your chances of getting that next great image!
Planning today with powerful mobile apps can make sure you will be in the right place at the right time. When will the sun hit at sunset exactly where we want it? How can we find those best locations? How can we plan for superior milky way photos? Other elements include sunrise/sunset times and angles, moonrise and moonset angles, as well as phases of the moon, dark sky nights for photography and Milky Way location, planning for lunar and solar eclipses, horizon for any place on the planet, and many more. Photographer Keith Bauer will show some great examples of “being ready” because a plan was in place and how to use his favorite planning app.
Very Important: This course will be presented using a specific app – PlanIt Pro. There are other similar apps, such as PhotoPills, Photo Ephemeris, and more. While Keith will be discussing the importance of PlanIt Pro and its features, please note that our emphasis will be on the planning elements–what to consider and look for before going into the field– and how these apps can help achieve that.

About Keith: Keith is an Albuquerque New Mexico based nature photographer and photographic instructor. His extensive background in photography started with traditional black & white darkroom work, continued through college in a professional studio specializing in portraits, weddings and commercial photography and has continued with his passion for nature photography and education.
With an academic background in computer science, the marriage of computing and digital photography came easily. Keith took advantage of this to become a digital post processing specialist and instructor. His special areas of interest in photography are wildlife and nature, landscape and travel photography creating images of simple, yet compelling stories.
He is co-author of the popular e-book LightRoom for the Nature Photographer, and the soon to be released video e-book Complete Video Guide to Lightroom for Nature Photography, leads workshops with the primary goal of enhancing participants photographic skills, and enjoying the process of capturing that next great image.

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