What's New in Lightroom (2023 Edition!)- Brushes, Masks, and Other Local Adjustments

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In 2022, Lightroom had a major overhaul to their brushes, masks, and local adjustments class. In this Lightroom class, Emily Hojnowski will go deeper into the develop module and give you an in-depth guide to these new adjustments using brushes, masks, and the cloning and healing tools. This course will focus heavily on localized adjustments and cover the following topics:

•Cloning vs Healing
•Getting the most out of the Brush tool
•Graduated and Radial filters
•Fine-Tuning color Adjustment
...And more!

We will be demoing these techniques on-screen during the class. This class will be recorded, so we recommend that you watch the process and take notes during this time.

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