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Beyond the Basics- Sports, Camera, Action!

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To photograph sports is similar to the sport itself, pushing the limits of your camera and lens. A knowledge of focusing, exposure, depth of field, composition, and more make for more thought-provoking sports photographs. Above all, photographing sports takes practice, control, concentration, and a knowledge of the goal.

In photographing, not every sport is created equal (for settings)! There are sports in bright, mid-day sun; there are sports indoors under a fluorescent, high school “sky”; there are sports with black backgrounds and sports with white backgrounds. How do we compensate in each scenario?
In this seminar-based class, we will discuss many of these topics for a variety of different scenarios and sports, including basketball, football, hockey, cross-country, and more. Topics of discussion will include:
-Basic camera settings
-Auto-Focusing modes and settings
-Lens options
-Thinking out of the Box!

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